MicroCurrent stimulation (or electro-acupuncture) has been used for the past 10 years to treat Macular Degeneration and other eye diseases. The initial results obtained by individual Doctors in the USA indicate that 70% of patients with the dry or wet form of macular degeneration will have a significant improvement of vision.

There are many factors related to the condition known as of macular degeneration. The most common cause is the circulation problems that increase as we age. The macula has a very high requirement for proper nutritional elements, oxygen, and the elimination of waste products in order to function properly. Circulation problems reduce the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the macula and will cause a dysfunction in the macula and, ultimately, degeneration. Electronic Stimulation is a therapy in which a weak electric current is used to stimulate the retina and the diseased macula to restore sight though points known as acupuncture points.

Dr. Merill Allen and Dr. Leland Michael published their preliminary study in 1993, on the rate of development of ARMD in people using nutritional supplements and simultaneous therapy with electronic stimulation. Dr. John Jarding reported his results in 1997 after treating thirty-five macular degeneration patients with a controlled electronic stimulation applied to eight points around the eye – all thirty-five patients reported an improvement in their vision. The Macular Degeneration Foundation in the USA has begun a national clinical trial to look at the effects of electronic stimulation and ARMD.

An Exciting New Development

An electronic device, researched over 12 years by a leading British Doctor, is designed to provide all the benefits of MicroCurrent Stimulation as well as Electronic Acupuncture (without needles). MicroCurrent Stimulation is used by health professionals in many hospitals and is designed to be used safely and effectively by the public for self-treatment.


1. With the help of it’s unique searching system, enables you to quickly become an expert at precisely locating therapy points

2. The device then applies electrical pulses to these points enabling you to treat any condition that acupuncture can help.

It is safe – drug-free – with no side effects, and is easy to use.

You will know you are on the correct point when you FEEL a distinct sensation. Mild electric pulses then stimulate these points.


  • An immediate and long lasting relief from at least 60% of the symptoms. And, with continuing therapy:
  • Promotion of healing and tissue regeneration.

This enables you to become expert almost immediately locating and treating the exact points.

The recommended device is sold as HealthPoint in the UK and HealthTouch in the USA.

History of Micro Current Stimulation – by Larry Ratliff, President & CEO Dove Alliance USA Inc.

Back in the late 1960’s Dr. Julian Kenyon, a UK surgeon and Master Acupuncturist, had a vision of putting the healing power of acupuncture into the hands of the lay person – and as a consequence improving the effectiveness of acupuncture.

After twelve years of research, the result was the EPS. As the first micro current device of its kind, the EPS incorporated a locating system that allowed the user to locate acupuncture points with 100% accuracy and then stimulate that point with a very minute electronic pulse. When coupled with traditional acupuncture protocols the results were remarkable and repeatable.

Dr. Kenyon’s research was founded on the works of Robert Becker and others that had been researching the electrical properties of the human body. In the course of his study, Dr. Kenyon recognised an amazing connection between this western research and eastern medicine. Western research had identified specific channels of electro-magnetic energy that correspond exactly to the eastern description of meridians. Also small points exist, in exactly the same location as described acupuncture points, which are 10-40 times more conductive than the surrounding skin. When stimulated electrically these points demonstrate a direct correlation to the electro-magnetic fields in the meridians. The voltages in the meridians can be readily measured and change in relation to health or lack of health. Although the western researchers were not aware of it, they had confirmed the theory of eastern medicine.

Now Dr. Kenyon had a tool to work with and a method of cause and effect evaluation. From this beginning Dr. Kenyon went on to refine and define the most effective electrical properties and procedures to use when treating the body. It was found that bi-polar micro currents, in a range of less than 50 micro-amps, having a square waveform and frequency of 10 hertz would trigger the body’s natural healing system and promote tissue regeneration.

The current generation of the EPS is called HealthPoint or HealthTouch and has been successfully used in clinics and by lay people around the world for over 20 years. During the same period of time, it had been discovered that stimulating the body with currents in the milli-amp range could provide relief from some types of pain. As a result, western research was moving forward on devices having much higher output currents. Based on the “gate theory” of pain control, an electrical current is applied to the nervous system and interferes with the transfer of information from one nerve cell to another, preventing a signal from reaching the brain. The pain is there, the condition is there but the body does not acknowledge it. These high current devices are termed TENS devices and are widely used today for the treatment of many painful conditions.

Continued research has brought information leading to improvements in the hardware and techniques of TENS treatment. This refinement has broadened the field of use of TENS stimulation and, interestingly, reduced the usable output currents down into the micro current range. One of these researchers is Dr. Joel Rossen, an acupuncturist and veterinarian, who had a desire to improve the treatment of animals and had started building his own TENS devices.

As always, necessity is the mother of invention. By 1976 all of the ingredients for a breakthrough in Macular Degeneration treatment were in place, but existed separately and apparently unrelated in an arena that was spurned by leading researchers:

1. Dr. Kenyon had joined micro-current stimulation with acupuncture.

2. TENS research had brought outputs down into the area of micro-currents.

3. Advances in nutrition research were bringing the focus from corrective medicine to preventive lifestyle and good health practices.

Then, in 1979, Grace Halloran entered the picture. Having a great desire to cure her eye problems, an unlikely chain of events transpired to bring about a miracle cure.
Grace had hereditary Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and at the time was working for a football team as a consultant specialising in alternative treatment of injuries. Her friend, a physiotherapist, introduced her to Dr. Joel Rossen who was conducting training classes on the use of his TENS devices. Grace worked with Dr. Rossen for several years refining the unit design. Then a successful treatment for a serious injury to her son prompted her to try the micro-current device on her own eye condition – with some success. Grace continued to refine the treatment procedure, founded the Integrated Visual Healing program and has been spreading the word ever since.

In 1985, while presenting seminars, Grace came into contact with Dr. Leland Michael and Dr. John Jarding, who conducted a 25 patient study. Then in 1992 – 1999 came doctors Wallace, Miller, Khouri, Chee, Kondrot and Nagel. The word is spreading, Grace is still conducting seminars.


Early studies were simply clinical trials where the treatment was administered and results recorded. This started with Grace Halloran and continues today with every doctor that provides this treatment protocol. All reports are very consistent in results and safety.

In 1993 Dr. Michael published a paper covering treatment of 25 ARMD patients over a seven-year period. (Dr. Michael died shortly after publication and his practice was taken over by Dr. John Jarding). Dr. Jarding then conducted an investigative trial over a period of seven years, concluding in 2000. Results are not yet published but are reported to be consistent with previous findings.

In 1998 Dr. Miller published a statistical analysis of ARMD patients treated with the microcurrent protocol.

Dr. Rossen and the Macular Degeneration Foundation are currently conducting an FDA study.

The Doctors.

1976 – Dr. Julian Kenyon, 1979 – Grace Halloran, 1979 – Dr. Joel Rossen, 1985 – Dr.
Leland Michael, 1985 – Dr. John Jarding, 1992 – Dr. Jerry Wallace, 1997 – Dr. Harry Miller, 1998 – Dr. George Khouri, 1998 – Dr. Percival Chee, 1998 – Dr. Edward Kondrot, 1999 – Dr. James Nagel

With the knowledge we now have – there is hope! Using a combination of nutrition and micro current stimulation, a 60% to 80% improvement in visual acuity on 80% of the patients treated and stoppage of progression has been consistently achieved, with no adverse side effects.

We can actually reverse the vision loss in the majority of cases and stop the progression of the eye disease in the rest. Research goes on and progress is being made. Reports continue to come in about amazing successes and discoveries.