“I have much more vision, can see TV clearly and figures. I am much more confident when driving and that I will now keep my driving licence”.
Mr Tydd (UK)

“My Eyes are now marvellous; the Lutein spray has improved my eyes tremendously. I am surprised the doctors do not prescribe it on the NHS”.
Mrs Campbell (UK)

“He can now watch TV and his quality of life has much improved in only 3 weeks. We left it off last week to make sure and the eyes deteriorated very quickly. We soon started it up again”.
Mr Rose (UK) (Mr Rose was talking about his elderly relative that he looks after.)

“I no longer need reading glasses and I can see to do my crossword easily”.
Mrs Marle (UK)

“My mother uses it and she can now go to the shops on her own. We are both very happy and amazed at the results”.
Mrs Reeve (UK)

Knew that her eyes were getting better but the smile on the face of her optician confirmed it even before the report clearly showed a big improvement.
Mrs Cousins (UK)

“I can now see the TV much better but I still cannot read and I am determined to keep going to be able to read”.
Mrs Bolland (UK)

“One of my mother’s eyes has improved substantially although the other is still blind. She feels much better now that there is a solution for her eyes”.
Mrs Williams (UK)

“The consultant at the hospital told me that my macular degeneration had unusually stopped getting any worse but that it could not be anything to do with the Lutein spray. My optician however measured a definite improvement and has written to the consultant querying why they would say that Lutein would not work when obviously it has. My left eye, which was still deteriorating after laser surgery, is also improving. I can see everything in good detail now. I am re-applying for my driving licence”.
Mrs Lewis (UK)

“I can now see the TV even with by bad eye. Everything is brighter and clearer”.
Mrs Rawes (UK)

Can now see colours, especially the TV which was only on black and white before. I am looking forward to be able to read again”.
Mrs Caves (UK)

“I have only been taking it for 6 weeks but already my reading is so much better”.
Mrs Harrington (UK)

“Has much more colour and eyes seem better”.
Mr Nicholls (UK)

“My mother is doing marvellously, the black spot in the centre of the eye finally disappeared this morning and she can see colour”.
Mrs Bridgeman (UK)

“I can now read 2 extra lines for the consultant. I can also read the newspaper without using my magnifying glass”.
Mrs Holden (UK)

“My eyes seem much better after only 2 months, although some days are better than others. The TV seems much clearer”.
Mrs Connolly (UK)

“Big eye improvement and the end of my chronic dry eyes resulted in my driving licence being extended for 3 years”.
Mrs Ellis (UK)

“I can now see the writing on the Church windows”.
Miss Mill (UK)

“My eyes are no longer itchy and I have stopped needing to rub them. My eyesight is so much better and I have much more energy”.
Mrs Legge (UK)