Ten Simple things that will help you to look after the Health of Your Eyes:

  1. Stop Smoking.
  2. Wear eye shades in the sun
  3. Drink 10 glasses – pint of water per day.
  4. Foods to exclude from your diet: grains and cereals (bread, pastry, biscuits etc.) and root vegetables (potatoes, parsnips etc) for 3-6 months. Foods to include: Vegetables – 8 portions EVERY day (kale, Spinach etc and as many different colours as possible, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Beans, Eggs, Fish (different fish 4-5 times per week).
  5. Exercise everyday to get oxygen around your body and get your lungs working and your heart beating. Walking, running on the spot rebounding on a mini-trampoline are best.
  6. Take enzymes and all other nutritional supplements that you can afford that are know to be helpful to your eyes.
  7. Consider a Herbal Cleanse and replenish your Probiotic bacteria (acidophilus etc.) regularly.
  8. Ask your Doctor to refer you to a Homeopathic Doctor.
  9. If you have blocked arteries ask about Chelation Enzymes and Herbs to clear them without waiting for surgery.
  10. Get serious about good health because your quality of life is at stake.