We know that ‘free radicals’ are part of our health problems. We all have them within us, and they damage our healthy cells and immune systems – leading to all sorts of degenerative diseases, including heart disease, arthritis, cancer, and a lot more.

‘Free radicals’ are unstable molecules within us. They have something missing in their makeup and, to compensate for this, they attack nearby healthy cells, starting a chain-reaction of destruction in which our lipids, protein and membranes are damaged, and genes altered. The damage then continues into the heart of the healthy cell where it begins to destroy DNA, the ‘blueprint’ upon which each new cell is based. Any damage to our DNA is replicated each time the cell divides, creating more damaged cells in its own likeness. This is the process by which we age, grow wrinkled and fall victim to disease as our immune systems perish under the continuous onslaught of the free radicals within us.

However, relief is now at hand in the discovery of Procyanidolic Oligormers. They are 20 TIMES more potent than Vitamin C and 50 TIMES more potent than Vitamin E in stopping free radical attacks on healthy cells.

Researchers have now combined the cell-protecting power of Procyanidolic Oligormers with the healing power of Aloe Vera, concentrated 200 times, to create Antoxida, possibly the most important medical advance since penicillin.

They double the strength of blood vessels within hours and have powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy and anti-cancer properties. They neutralise the free radicals within us and are highly effective in treating a variety of medical conditions, including the following:

STROKE and HEART ATTACKS are due to a restricted inflow of blood to the organs. By inhibiting cholesterol build-up they reduces the likelihood of stroke and heart attack.

BLOOD CLOTS are another cause of strokes and heart attacks. Free radical attacks cause blood platelets to become sticky and form clots. Antioxidants combat this.



Each dose of 3 Tablets Contains:


225mg Vitamin ‘C’
150mg Aloe Vera Concentrate 200:1
150mg L-Cysteine
120mg Vitamin ‘E’
60mg Grape Seed Extract (95% proanthoacyanidins)
60mg grape skins extract
45mg Zinc Citrate
2400mcg Vitamin ‘A’ as Beta Carotene)
300mcg Selenium