We are a not-for-profit support organisation providing:

  • Information that helps you, understand the facts about Eye Disease and vision conditions.
  • Information for eyesight sufferers of the Natural Health solutions that they can use to recover their eyesight.
  • Local group meetings to enable the solutions and support to be discussed in an open forum.
  • Newsletters that provides ongoing information of new solutions and successes.
  • Publicity of the results to encourage more individuals to take their health solutions into their own hand.
  • Financial solutions to those who cannot afford to pay for the products they need to recover their sight.
  • A list of local Practitioners who can help and support them with the solutions.

Our Mission…

…is eyesight recovery or protection of any remaining eyesight and vision by guiding people along the Natural Health path with recommendations and actions based on peer review studies, professional’s and member’s experiences.

Health of the eyes is dependant on the health of one’s entire body. To recover and preserve vision we provide lifestyle, diet, prevention and nutritional recommendations.

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