Lutein Formula Spray is a sublingual spray containing Lutein, Zeaxanthin, L-Lysine, Bilberry and Gingko. This is the best product for the delivery of these specific nutrients to the eye. Studies have shown these nutrients help improve and prevent vision loss due to Macular Degeneration. Lutein and Zeaxanthin filter light and serve as potent free radical scavengers for the Retina. L-Lysine and Bilberry help maintain healthy blood vessels. Gingko improves blood flow to the blood vessels in the eye and improves the utilisation of glucose and oxygen, increasing ATP production and preventing vasoconstriction to the brain and retina (and improving memory).

Recommended dosage: 6-8 sprays per day for the first two months then 3 sprays per day for the next two months and lastly 1 spray per day as a preventative.

MicroCurrent Stimulation Stimulates ATP and cellular regeneration and has been shown in studies to improve the overall success.

Recommended use: Stimulate Appropriate MicroCurrent Points.  Treatments per day for the first 2-4 weeks and once per day thereafter.

Essential Liquid Taurine offers better absorption than capsules. Studies have shown Taurine to reduce the oxidative damage caused by sunlight to the eyes. It helps stimulate the body’s ability to clean up waste by-products that accumulate in the retina.

Recommended dosage: 8 sprays per day for the first month, and then 2 per day thereafter.

Essential EFAs in liquid form must contain at least 480mg of DHA and 720mg of EPA per teaspoon. This helps improve circulation, integrity of blood vessels, brain function, flexibility and permeability of cell membranes. It also helps protect the retina’s photoreceptor cells.

Recommended dosage: 2 teaspoon per day.

Essential 91 Vitamins and Minerals are liquid (3 times more absorbent than tablets, ensuring better utilisation by the body) and replaces your current vitamin/mineral formula. This includes the critical minerals selenium and chromium, as well as many others that will help your recovery.

Recommended dosage: ½oz with breakfast and the same with your evening meal

Alpha Lipoic Acid is the only antioxidant that is both fat and water-soluble. Studies have shown that it is able to repair oxydative and free radical damage and its protective effect extends to nearly every cell in the body. It has also been found to enhance the action of Glutathione, vitamins E and C.

Recommended dosage: 100mg 3 times per day.

MSM Eye Drops are recommended for all eye conditions and are an inexpensive self treatment