A unique natural oxygen-enhancing compound that allows more oxygen to enter the bloodstream with each breath. OxySorb™ oxygen stimulator drops – Use more of the oxygen in each breath

Thousands of Oximeter tests have demonstrated that the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream can be increased in less than a minute after OxySorb™ is taken.

A small amount of OxySorb™ helps the lungs to get rid of a large amount of waste gases. Its action is easy to understand, when you realise that there’s only a certain amount of haemoglobin (the type of cells which transport gases) in the body. These cells load up with oxygen (and the other gases that you’ve just breathed in) as they pass through the lungs. On their trip through the body, they drop off oxygen and pick up more waste gases that are typically but not exclusively carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2). When they get back to the lungs, the waste gases must be exhaled, so the haemoglobin can be loaded with more oxygen (and the cycle can start over).

OxySorb™ is extracted from Norwegian seaweed, which has to produce oxygen from CO2 in low temperature and virtual darkness. (That’s a much more difficult task than plants usually face, since their chlorophyll usually is aided by warmth and adequate sunlight!) OxySorb™ is a blessing for persons who need more oxygen due to reduced oxygen in the local air (because of high altitude or pollution, during jet travel, and when in a sealed building or when trapped in traffic); or because of increased demands (common when doing heavy physical labour, or for athletes in training and in competition).

OxySorb™ is unique. Helping the body extract more oxygen from the ambient air, it provides more oxygen than any other product. Athletes in competition can use it without compromising urine testing, and by people of all ages. It can be taken as often as needed. It is also acceptable to vegetarians, since it contains no animal products.

By using sublingual technology already pioneered in other areas, a version of the seaweed that is absorbed in the mouth has a dramatic effect on the oxygen levels of the blood – and it acts quickly.

OxySorb™ is prepared for maximum oral absorption by inclusion of naturally occurring plant extracts that neutralise the digestive effect of saliva while it’s held in the mouth. Oximeter tests show that for most people, the oxygen saturation of their blood increases, significantly, in less than one minute after it is taken.


The Facts:

  • Oxygen is the prime source of Life and Health.
  • Every cell needs it in abundance.
  • Our own weight in oxygen has to be breathed daily to produce enough ATP for cell regeneration, body, and mind energy.
  • Reduced oxygen in the cells lead to illness and disease.

OxySorb™ is the first product of its kind that can improve the absorption of the air we breathe and so allows the body to make better use of every breath. Do NOT confuse this product with common oxygen drops bound to salt.

OxySorb™ can improve the healing process in the case of chronic illnesses and work preventatively for the long term. Better oxygen supply to cells will result in more ATP

produced, less lactic acid, healthier cells and as a result a much healthier body.

Used Daily by:

  • Endurance Athletes for reducing times and improving endurance.
  • Olympic athletes (works better than illegal hormones used to stimulate oxygen)
  • Air Crews and long distance air travellers to combat jet lag and blood clots.
  • City dwellers to clear the carbon monoxide.
  • Office workers – to compensate for the oxygen deficit in building
  • Lung problems – those with oxygen deficit from lung dysfunctions.
  • Chronic diseases – Sufferers of all lung and respiratory problems.
  • Mountain climbers – relief from altitude sickness.
  • Skiers – eliminates day-one acclimatization.
  • Divers – Improve dive time and less oxygen deficit problems

Tests show oxygen increase in less than a minute after OxySorb™ is taken under the tongue.


“I tried OxySorb™ the day it arrived and found a little improvement. The following day I found a definite improvement with my breathing. It has also overcome the sluggishness I have been feeling lately. Best of all a week later it has reduced the symptoms of my Asthma, and although I have been continuing with my inhaler, my consumption of Ventolin has dramatically decreased & my breathing is less laboured. Brilliant!” – C.S. Somerset

Multiple Sclerosis (Combined with other enzyme treatment)

“Of course I get tired but this is because I stretch myself relying on my newfound energy. I know I am not cured but the condition is hardly noticeable, so much so that I consider I have not got MS at present. I no longer need the hyperbaric treatments and have given up my slot in favour of someone who needs it. Recently, I went out for a social evening and where normally I would have to leave within 30-60mins, this time my son had to drag me away hours later as I was enjoying myself so much”. M Rooney, W. Mids

Lung Condition

“I had a lung virus for about 4 weeks. I went to Devon for some fresh air but found I could not walk far. On the last day we were due to do a cliff walk, but I could not face it. I remembered putting some OxySorb™ in my bag, I had bought it a few weeks ago but not tried it. I decided to use it and put the 20 drops in my mouth. The effect was incredible. I was able to walk up the cliff and the 5 miles each way. My breathing was fantastic and I could still feel the benefit when I got home”. L.C. Surrey

The Only Nutrient Available That Provides All the Body’s Cells with More Oxygen