Failing Eyesight Recovery

Failing Eyesight Recovery

Lutein Nutritional Sublingual Spray is a liposomal spray that contains high levels of the key carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin, together with 22 vitamin and minerals identified in a major study as being essential for eye health. They have been shown to protect the retina against sunlight and oxidative damage by free radicals, strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood flow to the eye. Sprayed under the tongue, it is the most effective way to deliver these nutrients to the eye in a few minutes.

Recommended dosage: 4 sprays 3 times per day for the first 3 bottles then reduce to 2 sprays 3 times per day.

MicroCurrent Stimulation uses a gentle cotton bud probe to safely apply a tiny electrical impulse to the acupressure points around the eyes. Stimulates ATP and cellular regeneration and has been shown in studies to improve the overall success. Recommended use: Stimulate appropriate MicroCurrent points.

Treatments per day for the first 2-4 weeks, and once per day thereafter.

Vitis Vinifera A herb containing flavenoids that in a study showed 85% of patients had a significant improvement and 40% remarkable improvements. (Ann Oft Clin Ocul, 1988; 114: 85-93).

Recommended dosage: 1-3 drops per day as needed.

Massager Pin Hole Glasses can improve blood flow and relieve eyestrain and headaches caused by computer work, farsightedness, nearsightedness and Presbyopia. Pinhole Massager Glasses can relax tired eyes, build up the flexibility of your eyes, and can, in some cases, reduce your current prescription.

Recommended use: 5-10 minutes twice per day.

Bates Method – A method of exercising and improving sight developed by William Bates can be found in many books in the health stores and book shops (now on DVD – call helpline 01606 871203).

MSM+Silver Water Drops are recommended for all eye conditions and are an inexpensive self treatment.